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Description & features

Oracle Integration suite of Cloud services simplifies application integration, process automation, real-time business insights, and more! This Learning Path strings together the key courses that help you embark on a successful journey to master the Oracle Integration Cloud Services. Build successful, high-availability integrations on Oracle Integration Cloud to deliver desired business value. Rapidly automate business processes in the Cloud in a low code 100% browser-based declarative environment.

Monitor business metrics in real time and model business processes with Real-Time Integration on Cloud. Appreciate the key highlights of SOA Cloud Service: Rapid Provisioning and Deployment Portability. Build all aspects of business applications in a low code 100% browser-based declarative environment.

Key Features

Cloud App Development - Benefits and Challenges 
Oracle PaaS for Application Development 
Project Management in Visual Builder Studio (VBS) 
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using VBS 
Develop and Manage Visual Applications (Web) 
Create and Build Mobile Applications
Get started with Oracle Digital Assistant


Course Prerequisite:
Basic knowledge of C, C++

Career Progression:
Java Developer

Course Content:
Java Development on cloud

1. Java Learning Explorer – A free entry-level training program introducing the fundamental principles of Java. This training program is designed for novice programmers or Java developers looking to start their path to Java SE certification.
2. Introduction to Java
3. Primitive Types, Operators, and Flow Control Statements
4. Text, Date, Time, and Numeric Objects
5. Classes and Objects
6. Improved Class Design
7. Inheritance
8. Interfaces
9. Arrays and Loops Collections
10. Nested Classes and Lambda Expressions
11. Java Streams API
12. Handle Exceptions and Fix Bugs
13. Java IO API
14. Java Concurrency and Multithreading
15. Open Module Content
16. Annotations
17. Java Database Connectivity
18. Java Security
19. Advanced Generics
20. Oracle Cloud Deployment
21. Enterprise Java Developer – Learn to develop enterprise-level applications, including front-end and back-end applications, and web services. This path prepares you to take the Java EE developer exam, leading to the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) credential in this field.
22. Java SE on OCI – Craft custom Java solutions that leverage OCI DevOps, cloud-native services like functions, APIs and streaming, perform integration and automation using PaaS services, and customize and extend SaaS apps with custom code and PaaS. Apply the skills acquired from the OCI Application Development Learning Subscription to solving Java-specific analysis, design, and development problems.


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